Top 10 richest countries in the world in 2016

In this article, we will know about the top ten richest countries in 2016 in the whole world that was based on their purchasing power. Different criteria’s can be used to make or produced list of the top or the richest nations in the world. As it was already ranked and list is made, let us see countries belonging to the list with a short description about them. Let us begin in the number one going to number ten.

The first country is Qatar that is maintained by its main product exported the oil industry. It contributes 60% to the nations GDP. Next is Luxembourg that boasts of its financial industry in the field of bank holdings. Its location contributed to the continuing economic growth and its prosperity as it is neighbor to France, Germany and Belgium. The third in the list is Macau that is considered as one of the tax haven and also has a small population but with a growing revenue due to its tourism and hospitality industry together with the gaming industry. This will get your the privilege to make your visa approved easily. Here is a knockout post for you to find this travel agency. Their services makes it more convenient to all applicants.

Fourth is Singapore that handles a busy port ranked as second in the world. Next is Brunei due to its natural reserve of oil and gas that forms a big percentage of 70 into the whole economy of the nation. Next are Kuwait (still rich for oil products), Ireland (it provides better living standard compared to other EU members), Norway, United Arab Emirates and San Marino. Here in an info about your visa photo. Look at this post 台胞證照片. This is something that makes easy for your visa application.