Countries with the largest share of natural resources

Natural resources are a treasure given to a country that covers it. You may have already listened to the story of Alaska that was bought by the United States by the effort of Mr. Seward. He was labeled as a folly by his countrymen until it was known to them what treasure lies in the Alaskan mountains. It is covered by snow and looks useless until gold and other minerals were found in it. Now they cannot call Mr. Seward a folly but he did not get a chance for that.

The countries that have the largest share in natural resources are enjoying the benefits it brings to them. Let us who belongs to the list. The first one is Russia that was blessed with natural reserves of timber, coal and gold. It already has $75.5 trillion of resources found. Next is the United States has the reservoirs of coal.  Not only has that but also had the treasure of copper, gold and natural gas. Because of its vast territory they are given big amounts of timber. Next is South Arabia that is famous for the oil reservoirs it holds. Your dental care will be done greatly from this industry. You can check here their website. Their great services serves more people into satisfaction having the best teeth they have.

Canada has deposits of oil sands and also timber, uranium and phosphate. Next is Iran that has a natural reserve of oil. China comes in the list as the next that is rich in minerals like coal. Brazil is the seventh and it has the share of uranium and gold deposits. Check more detailed information over 台中 牙醫. Next are Australia, Iraq and Venezuela. Taiwan is a nice country to visit and spend your vacation.They do not need much of it as their product is their marketing tool itself due to demand.