Natural resources are a treasure given to a country that covers it. You may have already listened to the story of Alaska that was bought by the United States by the effort of Mr. Seward. He was labeled as a folly by his countrymen until it was known to them what treasure lies in the Alaskan mountains. It is covered by snow and looks useless until gold and other minerals were found in it. Now they cannot call Mr. Seward a folly but he did not get a chance for that.

The countries that have the largest share in natural resources are enjoying the benefits it brings to them. Let us who belongs to the list. The first one is Russia that was blessed with natural reserves of timber, coal and gold. It already has $75.5 trillion of resources found. Next is the United States has the reservoirs of coal.  Not only has that but also had the treasure of copper, gold and natural gas. Because of its vast territory they are given big amounts of timber. Next is South Arabia that is famous for the oil reservoirs it holds. Your dental care will be done greatly from this industry. You can check here their website. Their great services serves more people into satisfaction having the best teeth they have.

Canada has deposits of oil sands and also timber, uranium and phosphate. Next is Iran that has a natural reserve of oil. China comes in the list as the next that is rich in minerals like coal. Brazil is the seventh and it has the share of uranium and gold deposits. Next are Australia, Iraq and Venezuela. Taiwan is a nice country to visit and spend your vacation.They do not need much of it as their product is their marketing tool itself due to demand.

In this article, we will know about the top ten richest countries in 2016 in the whole world that was based on their purchasing power. Different criteria’s can be used to make or produced list of the top or the richest nations in the world. As it was already ranked and list is made, let us see countries belonging to the list with a short description about them. Let us begin in the number one going to number ten.

The first country is Qatar that is maintained by its main product exported the oil industry. It contributes 60% to the nations GDP. Next is Luxembourg that boasts of its financial industry in the field of bank holdings. Its location contributed to the continuing economic growth and its prosperity as it is neighbor to France, Germany and Belgium. The third in the list is Macau that is considered as one of the tax haven and also has a small population but with a growing revenue due to its tourism and hospitality industry together with the gaming industry. This will get your the privilege to make your visa approved easily. Here is a knockout post for you to find this travel agency. Their services makes it more convenient to all applicants.

Fourth is Singapore that handles a busy port ranked as second in the world. Next is Brunei due to its natural reserve of oil and gas that forms a big percentage of 70 into the whole economy of the nation. Next are Kuwait (still rich for oil products), Ireland (it provides better living standard compared to other EU members), Norway, United Arab Emirates and San Marino. Here in an info about your visa photo. Look at this post 台胞證照片. This is something that makes easy for your visa application.

The reason why some do not want to begin is because of failure. The fear o=to fail even without trying it first. Without undergoing on the process, how can we say it is successful or it is a failure? Humans tend to judge something even if it is not finish yet. In the field of business, it is no longer a new phenomenon or a new thing to see businesses fail. What are the reasons businesses fail? Before establishing a business, there must be a set goal and objectives first.

In order to build a good and strong foundation of a business, there should be a plan and platform to follow. Without these, everything will be in disorder even to the least thing. Without a strong foundation, a business is easily in trouble. It is like a house built in weak foundation that when strong typhoons, winds and earthquakes come, it will suddenly collapse. To have a good foundation in a business must take into consideration these matters such as the skills and potentials of workers.

Of course, everyone has the right to work but it is helpful to have workers who can skillfully and potentially contribute to the production of work. Second is financial stability. Even if there are skillful workers but if there is no finance, the business will definitely lack in materials and resources. Third thing to consider is the nature of the business, it location, customers, products, brands and so on. it is also significant to know its demand analysis and others. Failure is a common thing. Fear not and come up with your business!

What makes a business firm, stable and successful? There are a lot of matters to take into consideration on the stability and success of a business. Leaders take the lead in every field or specialization, whether in schools, institutions, politics, businesses and so on. as the one who takes the lead and the greatest role, what kind of mindset and leadership a leader must possess? Do not forget that a good leader has a good follower. In most cases, efforts and sacrifices of someone is often shown on the results.

In the same way, the success of a business can be depended on the leader’s mindset and good leadership. Building and establishing a business is not easy at all. Numerous challenges and trails are to be encountered. Since worldwide economy is not stable that sometimes, the whole world suffers economic crisis, financial crisis is one serious matter that a business will encounter. In the case, the strength, empowerment and positive thinking of a leader is needed.

The problems of a business are all burden of a leader. Thus, a leader must be innovative to immediately respond to urgent changes. A leader must be quick in decision making for alternatives but cautious. A leader must be strong and not give up on all anticipated challenges. A leader must be goal-oriented, determined, and persevering. Able to do multi-tasking, able to adjust in everything and able to defeat all pressures with dignity. And most importantly, a good leader is the one who is really capable of leading.


Being famous can give you many opportunities to gain wealth of this world. When you are considered powerful or an icon to the people, they will be appreciating your business and it can bring you more wealth. If you know how to use fame, it will be at your benefit. This became the weapon of many successful entrepreneurs that are very successful at this time. We will see some of them and learn from them.

First is Oprah Winfrey that has started to nothing then rose to fame and riches. Her career began when she worked at a local radio station by black people that leads her to TV shows and having her own that gave her the success in life. Next is Walt Disney who loves cartoon and established his own animation company until. J.K. Rowling is also in the list because of her successful book series of the Harry Potter. Fourth is John Paul DeJoria who started to sell on houses products he made before it became successful and known as Paul Mitchell and also the Patron Tequila. Make your home best in cleanliness. Check and see link here 淨麗美清潔 for more. This is wonderful company ever.

Madam CJ Walker came from the family of slaves. She built her own hair and beauty products specifically for black women. Now she is a self-made millionaire that overcame the struggle to build her own business. Next is Steve Jobs who is very famous on his contribution to the digital world that the effect is still very well-known even after his death. Her choice of cleaning service of sweeping for her house is best, check here 打掃. His educational attainment did not hinder his dream.

Companies are making every effort to achieve their goal in one area then expanding until it can conquer international market. It is not an easy task and should be done with a detailed plan and right execution. Belonging to the Forbes list is an honor that they get for their success. Forbes provides an annual list of companies that were given ranking based on their financial performance as a company. Their revenues or profits, the assets they have and the market values in total are some of the basis in producing the list.

It is global in coverage and can be considered as strong companies based on the criteria that are listed above. We will focus on the Philippine firms who have been part of the list. There are a total of eight companies that made it to the list provided by Forbes. The first one is SM Investments Corp. that achieved the highest ranked compared to other Philippine firms by a wide gap. It achieved the 911th rank. Next is the Bank of the Philippine Islands (the first established bank in the Philippines in the year 1851) and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (the biggest company in telecommunications in the Philippines). All of my life, I have been secured through enemies as I have my best private guards. If you want to have one also,  go right here There are a lot of private investigators here who can assist you in every situation you have.

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (it branched out in international market within seven years of establishment) and Ayala Corp. (it was established by the partnership of Antonio de Ayala and Domingo Roxas in 1834) and has best service for phone security, 久展徵信公司.  Other companies are JG Summit Holdings, Top Frontier Investment Holdings and Manila Electric Co.

Marketing is very important for a company to produce a good performance especially in terms of profits. Marketing is one department in a company that focuses and is concerned for producing advertisements for the product and the company itself. Marketing is responsible for projecting a good image to the potential and existing clients or customers. It means marketing has a direct relationship with the performance of the business. It can be the heart that makes your business running.

You should be able to take care of this department or area of your business aside from the other department like accounting. There are many kind of marketing that can be done in these days with the additional of online and print media. Online marketing alone has many areas and you should learn to identify where you should put your advertisement. As the image of the company goes with it, you must be very careful on making the decision. When advertisement is successful, it follows that sales should increase as a positive effect.

Marketing word cloud concept

If the number of sales in number or value does not increase then it is a problem for the company to continue operation. Companies who are in operation for long years still need this marketing to sustain and still increase their market share and improve sales. New companies also should use advertising to show case to people know they exist and fully operational.


Marketing is very important when it comes to making profit for your business. You should be able to create advertisements that will explain why people should avail the products or services of your company. In your advertisement it should reveal what is your mission and vision as a company. It should send a message that you are a concern company that will not just make profit then go away. You should let them understand and feel that you will be there and will stay in business for helping the people provide their needs.

In this times you are also required to be a company that helps the community by being charitable and participate in social corporate responsibility group that gives back to the community. For a company to be known you should also produce a brand that customers can relate and feel your presence and purpose. In order to achieve all these, what should be your marketing strategies? Learn this eye clinic marketing service, info 眼科推薦. You should find what the best media to air is or print your advertisement.

It is undeniable that the social networking sites are one of the best ways for advertisement. One guide to know where your ads will is for you to know your specific target market. You should also promote your specific product that they want to buy and make a professional profile for the company and important employees in the social networking sites just like this site over here白內障手術. If you have achieved the success of marketing you will be happy to continue production.

Without knowing something you cannot sometimes pinpoint what you need. Without knowing how it works you cannot know its value. You will learn to appreciate things if you know that you will need and use it sometime so you will keep it. The same thing, if you do not know about branding strategy you do not know whom to approach or what to do about it. Then what is branding strategy? It is a way or plan that is followed for the creation of a great brand that will be successful and it will serve as guide to achieve the goal.

You can start creating the strategy by defining first your goal. What will be your brand for? Who will be your target market? The best question to answer first is why? Next step is do not be trap in focusing in one brand project as making brands takes time but should be still useful after many years. The challenge that managers in branding agencies experience is using the given resources to produce a brand at the appointed time. Sometimes they give way to short term focus or goal of branding to produce the brand at the set time and budget given.

In producing a brand you should also be flexible as in some time change will come and the brand should adapt to it to be competitive. Learn to know the customers and clients of the company who commissioned you for the job to attain a more effective brand. It is like a piece of software that should be put together to work properly.





Brand is one of the most important in a business. It is one that it will be identified to a company. It can be the one that customers will search first when they buy something. We can say that it is the face of a company. In the back of all that presented is the company who has created that brand. They are the expert behind it all doing all the detailed work processes to attain the suitable and fit brand for their clients.

In this article, we will see about these branding experts. One is Bellwether located in Dubai that operates internationally. Also branding agency is Blue Marlin located in London, New York and Singapore and has been in business for twenty years operating globally. Brandhouse is one branding company that has the focus and vision of producing brands combining the principle of creativity match and mix with strategy. They have their presence in London. They have their goal to give each brand they create an advantage in competing with other brands with the help of emotions. This is the company that will secure your big party event. See this weblink 飯店業. They prepare a good catering services of buffet foods that has the best taste ever.

Next is Brandimage that is located in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and china. It was a company composed of two former separate entities from America and Paris. Both were in business for long years before the merger. Brand Me is one that is located in London and helped many brands in the UK to sell and maintain that status. BrandOpus in Australia and London is already awarded as an agency designing brands. See link here about this catering company. Your party will be the best, check this link 餐盒. Get more ideas from here.