What does Interbrand Service Offer?

Interbrand or crossing brand services is founded in 1974 as part of the Omnicom Group, an advertising global leader. It is the world’s largest integrated brand consulting firm dedicated to providing a full range of one-stop branding services to large global brand customers. Interbrand has extended its tent to 28 countries and has helped many companies like China to assess, create and manage branding strategy. Large scale businesses has been able to manage value for excellent brands and international brands through the Interbrand services.

Interbrand is a business created to offer an integrated branding solution involving strategic, research, design and valuation consulting services and are tasked to create, improve and maintain their business brands may it be small or large. Branding is an asset of a business that would keep customers stick to it.

Interbrand is a wide scale of branding services since we offer brand equity research, brand valuation, brand strategy, brand naming, brand design, internal brand management, branding and brand protection. The largest brand consultant in the whole world is consulted by large companies like Vanke Group, Bank of China, Huawei Technology, Fosun Group, Samsung, Microsoft, Nissan and many more.

Why is the service of Interbrand trusted? According to Interbrand, the fame is not achieved without having a primary principle. For them, fame is not important. Interbrand wants to give the best quality of service their clients deserve. It is in the attitude that they do not deserve fame if they do not provide well service. It is very important for them to be useful than to be famous. Actually, the companies that have collaborated with them have the brand names and designing shining in the whole world such as the Microsoft, Pacific Insurance and Canon China.